Bishop Double Tube Gaiter
Bishop Double Tube Gaiter

Bishop Double Tube Gaiter

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In an unholy alliance with the Colorado renegades at Phunkshun Wear, we birthed not one but two Bishop Neck Gaiter masterpieces! Crafted amidst the chaotic whirlwind of Denver, CO, these gaiters bear the visual imprints of our twisted minds, adorned with a topographical map chronicling the unruly peaks of the Gore Range near Vail.

Behold, the Double Tube—a transcendental force that defies the boundaries of temperature. Whether the world is plunged into the icy grip of winter or bathed in the scorching flames of summer, this gaiter reigns supreme. As snowstorms rage, its water-repellent finish scoffs at the onslaught, a DWR Phabric sorcery ensuring your mask remains untamed and unfrozen longer than the feeble attempts of our competitors and their so-called "hydrophobic" alternatives. It's not just a gaiter; it's a manifestation of defiance against the elements, a ticket to ride the untamed hills until the very last snowflake bows in submission.


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