Bishop Telemark Athletes

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
Greg Yearsley

While Greg Yearsley - more commonly know as gerG - may not be the prettiest or most stylish skier on the mountain, he certainly is unique and easy to spot with those long limbs flailing around. Despite the cold embrace of chronic joint pain and an otherwise dilapidated body, Greg can be found rootin’ and tootin’ whether he’s in a crumpled pile on the ground in the park or ripping those epic 2-inch Colorado pow days.

At the end of the day he’s here to have fun with his BFFs (best friends forever) and occasionally do something cool on his skis.

Nic Hofmann

Nic is a young lad living in Salt Lake City where he skis the Wasatch. Nic has been tele skiing for over 15 years and has always been drawn to being a different weirdo on the hill. He loves to ski in the park, backcountry or turn it up at the resort with his friends. When not skiing his Bishops, Nic has a fond love for leather boots, strait skis, and the Rainee superloop. If the gear is older than him, he wants it.

When not on the hill you can find Nic studying the atmosphere at the U of U or scrubbing toilets at Alta, rumor has it he's the finest bowl patroller the resort has ever seen.

Sal Malone

Hey! I'm Sal, an 18 year old knee-dropping die hard from Steamboat Springs, CO. I have been shredding teles since the ripe age of 6 and I don't plan on ever going back. I love massive backcountry cliff drops, neck deep pow, and bluebird park laps with the homies.

Tele till yer' smelly!

Sofia Whitefields

I love to make Brie and cooking good food! I enjoy running, biking, walking, and hanging out with my friends.

Obviously I love to freaking ski! And fall…

Sylvia Kinosian

I've been teleskiing for three years, but I have been on XC and alpine skis since I was a kid. I love how you can really develop your own style with tele, it's so playful and fun. Over the past few seasons, I've met many awesome people in the tele community and feel very lucky to learn from them.

My favorite place to ski right now is Alta and the surrounding Wasatch backcountry. Here's to another awesome Utah winter!

Van Oullette-Ballas

Skier and mountain biker at heart. I enjoy long walks to the chairlift and salt & pepper pistachios. 

Been skiing mid west snow since I was 6 started telemark when I was 20. If you see me out there say hi!

Will Houskamp

I’m a 23 year old skier who moved from Michigan to Colorado. I love doing anything that involves action and thrill.

Tele to me is incredibly freeing, smooth and fun, and I can’t get enough of it. You’ll catch me in the park or shredding the mountain most weekends. “Yes I’m on tele’s”

Interested in becoming a member of the team?  Shoot an email to with a Resume and Portfolio!