Manuals & Templates

All the info you need to get your Bishop gear ready for the hill.

BMF Telemark Binding Manuals

  • BMF Quick Start Guide - VIDEO - Quick explainer on getting your bindings set up initially, as well as some checks to do regularly.
  • BMF Quick Start Guide - PDF - Everything you need to to get set up.
  • BMF Boot Fit Check Tool - PDF - Print out this tool to ensure you bindings are adjusted to fit your boot properly.
  • BMF Mounting 101 - VIDEO - Walk-through of the mounting process.
  • BMF Mounting Template - PDF - Use US Legal (8.5 by 14-inch) sheet of paper. Cut out the dotted line around the Boot Sole Length lines to allow you to match the correct line with the ski boot center mark. DO NOT scale this PDF when you print it. Choose the 100% scale, or Do Not Scale option when printing. This template has 1-inch and 1-cm scale lines to check to make sure you have printed it correctly.

Bishop 2.0 Telemark Binding Manuals

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