The Bomber Lifetime Guarantee

We believe in our Armageddon-proof bindings.
We believe in them so much that all Bishop Telemark ski bindings are covered from manufacturer defects for the life of the binding when purchased directly from Bishop or an Authorized Bishop dealer (starting with 2022/23 production).   Our Skis and San Juan Sticks are covered from manufacturing defects for three years from the date they were produced (Oct 1st of the model year)

Go Forth and Shred with Confidence

**Lifetime Warranty Valid for all bindings and parts made or built from September 2022 onward**

Three Year Warranty applies to binding manufactured before September 2022, and to all Skis, and all other products and accessories.

Warranty Exclusions include, but are not limited to: 

- Loose or missing binding screws. You are responsible for making sure the screws that hold the binding to the switch plate are in place and tight.  It's best to use a little thread locker (e.g. Loctite), and always check them every few days of skiing. If the binding feels loose, check the screws.

- Damage caused by improper mounting (unless done by us.)  This includes but is not limited to Switch Pads not installed in the correct location relative to the Switch Plate. All mounting holes must be at least 1 cm away from any previously used mounting holes.

- Incorrectly adjusted bindings (Unless done by us.) Use our Boot Fit Check Tool to check.

- Normal wear and tear. 

- Cosmetic issues.

- Any unauthorized changes, modifications, or alterations.

- Damage caused by misuse or abuse; such as, driving over them on the parking lot, or neglect like not properly securing them in your ski rack are just a few examples.

- Damage caused by heavy compression, stress, or hitting other objects such as rocks, trees, lift poles, and people to name a few.

- Damage caused by park features, handrail, and ANY KIND OF IMPACT DAMAGE OF ANY KIND renders this warranty null and void.

- Demo or sale equipment is not covered. Contact us directly.

- Damage caused by any product, solvent or chemical being used on Bishop equipment that has not been approved by Bishop.

**ANY warranty on Bishop's telemark-specific skis is VOID if mounted alpine, AT, or with an alpine heel designed for telemark bindings (e.g. Meidjo's alpine heel). 

These are truly telemark-specific skis and the lack of reinforcement at the heel cannot handle the forces of an alpine turn.

If you think you have a warranty issue as a result of a manufacturing defect, contact us at

Please include as much information as possible including photos and videos. The more information the better to help us figure out what happened and process the request.

If it is approved to send back to us for inspection or repair, as a warranty issue, you will be issued an RMA number. Please include this RMA number with you product and any correspondence.

We want to get you back on the snow as soon as possible but please allow up to 5 weeks for processing, evaluation, and repairs. We are a small team.

For shipping items back to us, include your RMA number on the box and inside.

Information on shipping to us is included on our Shipping and Returns Page.

If it is an approved warranty claim from the start, we will cover shipping and send you a label to use.