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How Do I...

A Quick Start Guide and mounting template is included with every new pair of bindings. Download them if you don't have them already.

1. Mount Bindings to Skis

Best bet is to take them to a good TELEMARK shop to get mounted by professionals. If you don't have one nearby or want to do it yourself, watch this video. You will need a Bishop Jig, or a mounting template you can download for free.

2. Adjust the Bindings to your boots!

Watch this video. This is super important. Improperly adjusted bindings are the number one issue people have with the performance of our BMF bindings. Use our free Boot Fit Check tool. to make sure your bindings are properly adjusted.

3. Free your heel, brah.

Watch this video of owner/engineer Dave explaining how to mount BMF/R or BMF/3 bindings to your boards with our mounting template, and a Bishop mounting jig, (or in a pinch a 22 Designs mounting jig, but don't forget the extra screw). Measure three times.

FreeStyle Boot Center: the "I" in FS BC-I is the recommended boot center location if you plan to ski in the terrain park a fair bit, e.g. skiing switch, tricks, and jumps. The "I" in I-Tele BC is the mounting location if you plan to ski more all mountain with the Gonzo.

The Chedi has two recommended mounting locations, "Tele BC-I" and "I-1". "Tele BC-I" is what we recommend for most people, and is a great all-around mounting point. The "I-1" is a little more of a "traditional" tele mount, and is better for someone who wants the feel of a slightly "longer" ski in front of them. This might be a good option if you chose a ski length that is quite a bit shorter than you typically ride.

Watch this video. This is super important. Improperly adjusted bindings are the number one issue that effects the performance of our BMF bindings. Use our free Boot Fit Check tool. (on the back of the Quick Start Guide included with your bindings) to make sure your bindings are properly adjusted.

All you have to do is loosen four machine screws per binding and then move them over to a Switch Kit mounted on another pair of skis. Best to do it at home or inside. Takes about 5 minutes once you practice. Watch this Video. (Skip to 6:33)

If you need to switch brakes when you move your binding to a different pair of skis, just have to remove 2 small machine screws with a #2 phillps screwdriver. Check out this video.

Yes! You can generally re-mount a ski a few times.  Make sure to glue and plug the old holes.  You want to have at least 1cm between hole centers of old vs new holes.   If needed, just shift the BMF mount back until you get that distance between all old and new hole centers.  A shift back (1-3 cm from alpine boot center) for the mount is okay for most skis when used for telemark turns.

Bishop skis do not come with a factory base and edge bevel. We generally recommend 1 degree base and 1 degree edge. Like all things this is a good starting point but base and edge bevel is very personal. Also we here at Bishop like to detune 1-2cm past where the skis make contact with each other when held base to base.


1. Proper Mounting. Use the mounting template and Quick Start Guide.

2. Adjust the binding to your boot size with the BMF Boot Fit Check

3. Get out there and drop those knees!

All Things BMF


Adjust your boot to the BMF using the BMF Boot Fit Check tool.

This is ESSENTIAL to proper preload and function!

Check out this video for how to adjust your binding to your boot: 

Yes! But not at the same time.

Our BMF bindings are Future Proof, in the sense that you can use the same binding for either 75mm or NTN boots if you have a Conversion Kit.

No binding is compatible with both types of boots because 75mm boots are asymmetric, having a distinct Left and Right, and a longer part of the sole sticking out (the "Duckbill"). NTN boots are symetric at the toe and have a much shorter sole sticking out the front.

Snag an NTN Conversion Kit or a 75mm Conversion Kit to switch your BMF between the two boots standards. It's not something you can do on the snow, it requires some tools and time on the bench.

Generally, the BMF/R is for resort and touring, and the BMF/3 is for mostly lift access resort skiing.

The BMF/R is a bomber binding for the long resort days, and it features a zero resistance tour mode, ideal for touring and backcountry days. 

The BMF/3 is designed more for resort skiing, and lacks the zero resistance “Free-pivot” mode.  The BMF/3 can be used for occasional skinning, but requires more effort to flex the boot with each step. 

Both feature the same sliding plate technology for unbeatable power transfer, an intuitive step-in feature, ski brakes, and adjustments for flex and feel. 

Plus, the switch kit system to allow you to switch bindings easily from ski to ski, and ability to convert the bindings from 75mm to NTN boot compatibility.

If you'd like to hear more about the BMF/R touring tech, check out this video.

Oh it is gloriously simple, check out this video!

A simple flick of the Tour lever is all it takes as you can see in this short video.


The first thing to check is proper binding adjustment for your boot.  Use our Boot Fit Check Tool to make sure the binding is fitted properly to your boot.  A properly adjusted binding will stay on your boot heel in most circumstances, even without the Heel Lock. 

The Heel Lock is designed to prevent rear (heel up) boot pre-release when landing hard in a tele stance, like off of a jump, or in hard bumps.  It is not required to ski the binding, but we recommend you use it.  It also does not have to be touching the underside of the metal Heel Lever to function. It just has to be snapped into position below it.

For older versions of the Heel Lock, you can increase the strength of the snap by bending the wire towards the middle of the binding. Bend it just enough to increase the snap (typically 1-2 mm or so), but not so much that the “hook” of the Heel Lock can’t snap over it. 

Yes! and no...

Both switch kits use the same 4 hole binding pattern on the Switch Plate and Switch Pad location. The switch kits allow you to mount plates to your skis and move one pair of bindings between skis. Save cash for the bar.

BUT... You can NOT use the climbing wires of the BMF/R Switch Kits with the BMF/3 binding, as they do not hit the rear case in the right location, and will cause damage. It's ok to mount a BMF/3 to a B<F/R Switch Kit, just don't use the climbing wires. We do this all the time on our Demo Fleet.

Nope, sorry. You'll need to remount with the BMF Switch Kit.

The BMF line has the same switch plate system so you can buy one pair of bindings and switch them between skis, but the mounting pattern on the plate is different than the Bishop 2.0 Switch Kits.

The BMF switch plate has a more standard mounting pattern, wider hole placement for more secure attachment and a lowered height for increased lateral control and connection to the ski.


Both bindings feature the same interchangeable brake kit. These can be used in either the BMF/3 or BMF/R.

Buy for your current boot, and have the option to change it up later.

Our BMF bindings come in either a 75mm OR NTN version.

We also offer a Conversion Kit to convert bindings from 75mm to NTN compatibility if you were to buy new boots.

Both styles of our BMF bindings attach to the upper shelf of the rear heel (like alpine binding) so the 2nd heel of the NTN boot is not used - read more here

Yes they do. Dave has tried skiing with one NTN boot and one 75mm boot, and it's almost impossible to tell the difference.

The 75mm version may feel a bit more active than the NTN version because the 75mm toe is longer and the toe cage captures more of it. As a rule of thumb we have found to get the same feel, the NTN version can be adjusted to 1 ”activeness line” further forward on the tube than the 75mm.

The fact that we go to the back heel for both versions, and not the 2nd heel for the NTN gives both that same sweet, progressive flex.

Not really.

There is not much difference in performance between the 75mm and NTN versions. It is possible that the 75mm feels a little more "active" due to holding onto the longer front of the 75mm duckbill, but that being said you should be able to dial in the feel with the Spring Adjusters at the ends of the tubes.

The 75mm BMF/R has 55 degrees of free pivot touring, and the NTN version has 5 degrees more at 60 degrees because of the shorter toe.  Both have plenty for nice long strides and efficient kick turns.

Yes! As long as it has a flat shelf at the heel.

All boots that have a flat shelf at the top of the heel will work with BMF bindings. 

The only boots we have found to not be compatible are the older Crispi CRX boots because they just have the old style 75mm groove on the heel, and do not feature a flat shelf.

BMF/R, BMF/3, and Bishop 2.0 telemark bindings are not ISO certified (DIN) releasable bindings.

There is currently no ISO standard for telemark binding release, so there is no "DIN" for release settings like alpine bindings.

These bindings can release in some circumstances.


Yes! For orders over $200 shipping to addresses in the continental USA.

Why yes! Thank you for asking! You can access all this information on our Shipping & Returns page.

Hells yes.

We mostly ship via UPS or post; but, we can do FedEx if requested.

Generally, orders shipped internationally are in transit for 4 - 22 days. This varies greatly depending on the courier you have selected. We are able to offer a more specific estimate when you are choosing your courier at checkout.

**Bishop is not responsible for any import customs, duties, or taxes applied to your order. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.).**

You are.

Bishop is not responsible for any import customs, duties, or taxes applied to your order. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.).

Import duties and taxes for international shipments may be liable to be paid upon arrival in the destination country. This varies by country, and Bishop encourages you to be aware of these potential costs before placing an order with us.

If you refuse to pay duties and taxes upon arrival at your destination country, the goods will be returned to Bishop at the customers expense, and the customer will receive a refund for the value of goods paid, minus the cost of the return shipping. The cost of the initial shipping will not be refunded.

Sure do!

Check out our Shipping & Returns page. 

If you have any other questions - shoot us an email at


Visit our Shipping and Returns page.


The Bomber Lifetime Warranty! Learn more on our Warranty page

Services and Repairs


We've made a ton of improvements to our bindings over the years, and we would rather repair a pair than have them go into the landfill. Give us a heads up at and we'll get you set up.

If you're able to send pictures or videos please do! It'll help us get prepared and potentially give you an estimate for the cost of the repair.

Shit happens.

Our bindings are bomber! But sometimes your skis fall off your ski rack, your buddy takes them and hits a cornice, or a tree just appears out of nowhere.

Regardless of circumstance, we've got ya covered! We stand by our products and their durability for a lifetime of powder and dropping knees!

If you think you have a Warranty claim, visit our Warranty page for more information.

Sure can. We learned a lot and have imroved the BMFs every year to their current bomber state. Send us an email at with your proof of purchase and lots of pictures of your bindings from different angles so we can see what generation they are, what the issue might be. Then we can get an idea of the cost of upgrading, or we will give you credit and a killer deal on a brand new pair! We take care of family.

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