BMF Toe Cage Cover

BMF Toe Cage Cover

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This part attaches to the Toe Cage, snapping on the rear shaft and then rotating down to snap onto both sides of the Toe Cage. It can help keep snow from accumulating under the boot, and also helps keep the brake up when touring with the BMF/R. It is not required for proper binding ski function, and can be removed during touring to help with icing issues, allowing you to easily access the ski/tour mechanism to remove ice and keep snow from packing under it.

If you remove the Toe Cage Cover, it is best to remove the brakes as well. If you fall forward while climbing without the Toe Cage Cover, the brake tip insert that rests against the bottom of the boot can get stuck under the boot, and can be damaged if you don't push it down carefully.

Compatible with both the BMF/R and the BMF/3. Includes one Toe Cage Cover.

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