Bishop 2.0 Telemark Binding Production Update

Our badass production facility near Denver is hard at work making the last few parts for the Bishop 2.0, and then it will be assembly time!  Check out this video of Jose cutting some Heel Clips.


Scott giving me the tour of the production floor in action

We have definitely had some bumps in the road - typical when you change a design and start up new production, but we are smoothing them out as quickly as possible. I dealt with this all the time when I was designing surgical devices, and it's just part of the game. But, it's harder when the product is the Bishop and the snow is starting to fly! I was at A-Basin on Tuesday and the WROD (White Ribbon of Death) was actually pretty good. I love taking those first flowy tele turns of the season.

We plan to have Bishop 2.0 ready to ship before Thanksgiving, and maybe before if the Production Gods look on us favorably.

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