A badass Bishop baby is born!

She has arrived! ...or he, depending on your preference in assigning gender to inanimate objects that you love.

It has been a fun and wild ride as we have revived and slightly redesigned this legendary binding from Bomber Industries. We have our fair share of delays: updating and creating over 50 engineering drawings, testing new designs, developing new machining operations. As I always say with the interations of the design and development process, "we learned a lot". It keeps you going and reminds us that we will get to the finish line. It's all part of the sometimes painful process. I learned it designing instruments for cardiac and orthopedic surgery, and it equally applies to this high precision, reliable product. Plus, It is a blast for me to design and manufacture a product that I get to use myself and play with on the snow versus the surgical instruments that were really rewarding, but that I could only use on cadavers in some windowless lab in the bowels of a hospital or industrial park. I love my new testing lab!

We are stilling fighting through some supply issues, and will be getting product out as quickly as possible. I sincerely thank all the loyal fans of the bishop who have supported us as we have brought these badass babies back to life. Also, the new fans like Holt from Eagle-Vail, CO. I spied him (actually the bindings) as we were getting on the bus to ski at Beaver Creek last weekend with a pair of Bishop 2.0's. He was the first customer I ran into with the 2.0. He had not had Bishops in the past, but saw them online, talked with Lisa at Alpine Quest about them and was convinced they were the binding for him. Right on Holt! I can't wait to talk to more customers on the slopes.

Also, thanks to the friends and family that have made this possible. Without their help and support, this would not have been possible. I especially thank my beautiful wife, Adriana. Her support, encouragement, proof-reading, packaging skill, and restraint in asking too many questions was no small part in the successful launch of the 2.0. I love you.

Let's go ski some pow!

- Dave

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