The 2013-14 Season In Review

First of all, a huge thanks to everyone who made the first season of Bishop Binding Co a success. We got a great response from our die hard fans, and introduced the incredible Bishop metal platform binding to lots of new folks. We enjoying the last of the great season here in the rocky mountains of Colorado with a 4th of July ski in Breckenridge, and have been out enjoying the summer as we gear up for our 2nd season.
Here I am with the first completed B2s heading out the door
It was a crazy fun and busy season as we got manufacturing up and running at a facility in Denver, and had our fair share of frustrations in getting the 2.0 out to the market. Thanks again for everyone's patience, I think it was worth the wait. The new 2.0 has all the badassery of the original: durability, performance, style with even more reliability of a thru axle main pivot and beefed up main tubes.

Personally, I faced some challenges. Not only the challenges of starting a new business, but my amazing mother passed away unexpectedly on Christmas day. Luckily I have an incredibly supportive (and organized) wife, and am surrounded by wonderfully caring family and friends that helped me and Bishop through it. The words that she used to open her journal inspire and help ground me and the many others that she touched:

I do believe that we all can shape our lives to be brighter and richer. Just remembering the basic simple everyday drama that unfolds each morning is a miracle. It is always a fresh beginning and another opportunity to really savor and enjoy our moments

I definitely savored the moments on my first trip to Alaska with Points North Heli-Adventures. The Chugach really is a mecca for devoted skiers. Inspiring mountains and glaciers with a magic carpet ride up to seemingly ridiculously small nooks on the sides of the peaks. Long steep chutes required technical no-fall skiing, and then you could open it up wide with figure 11's at the apron towards the bottom as you shot out onto the glacier. Although, you had to stay separated so as not to fall into a crevasse. Unfortunately, I got a scratch on my leg about halfway through the week that got infected and turned into necrotising cellulitis. This is also know by the press as "flesh eating bacteria" - yeah, pretty bad. By the time I got back to Colorado, I had to spend 10 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics to beat it back and not lose my leg. Tough to tele on one leg. If you really want to see what my leg looked like at its worst click here. Not for the faint of heart.

This is what flesh eating bacteria does to your leg.
Team Bishop had a great end of season day Kat skiing at Keystone resort. Matt Jones, Sean Hanagan, and my wife Andie joined me for an April powder day in the bowls. Buttery power turns and a yummy lunch in the yurt. Mmmm.

Now we are busy getting ready for the season, building up our supply of B2s and accessories while looking towards the future. We are planning on more on-snow demos so the tele tribe can see and feel first-hand the control, beauty and power of the Bishop.
Sean, Dave, and Matt get after it on a sweet pow day
This start-up is starting to grow. I brought local sales ninja Matt Jones into the organization in the Spring to head up sales and marketing. He will be focusing on getting the good word out there, and allow me to focus more what I know best - product design and development. Also, Sean Hanagan is helping out as an athlete, design tester, promoter and general badass guy. Lots to work on, but top of the list from feedback is touring mode. Imagine the power and reliability of the Bishop in the backcountry. I know many of you have.

We are currently looking for a new team member to help us grow further and assist with operations: orders, fulfillment, customer service. If you are interested or you know someone who is, have them send a resume to

Days are getting shorter, nights colder, snow is flying up high. It's not long now. See you on the slopes!


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