Bishop Bindings Telemark #Badassadors Donate Bodies, Souls to Ullr 

Please join us in welcoming the #Badassadors. These brave souls will donate their bodies and souls to descend improbably steep lines, grind the park, and drop “The Turn” deep in the white room, all done in the name of testing and developing the next generation of Bishop Bindings.

Sworn to promote the free heel lifestyle, the #Badassadors spread the essence of telemark’s free spirit and soulful approach to the downhill across the U.S. As one of the oldest forms of the sport, it is thought that telemark skiers can directly communicate with Ullr through a coded pattern of dropped knees, known as ‘The Turn’.

As the manufacturer of the most advanced bindings for telemark skiing, Bishop’s #Badassadors have sworn on Ullr's ring to uphold the ancient language of ‘The Turn”, while seeking to grow the sport and inspire the next generation with hucks, spins, grinds and a soupçon of steeze.

  • Tommy Moffit of Brooklyn, NY is Bishop’s #Badassador of the Beast Coast. Look for him patrolling the slopes of Mount Snow or in the backcountry this season. He’s the one wearing a full-face helmet and ninja suit.
  • Tony Gill is a repeat offender at competitions like the Teva Mountain Games Telemark Big Air and numerous Big Mountain Competitions from Crested Butte to Alaska. But his real skills are in that he parties harder than the guys who actually landed their runs.
  • Troy Haas renowned as the “best skier that ever existed” is also an official Master of Mayhem for Free Heel Life who likes coffee and puppies. Troy would like to take this opportunity to apologize to his mom for embarrassing her in public.

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