Troy’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Tele Skier in Your Life

We all know shopping for tele skiers is difficult. What do you buy for someone who doesn’t use anything that has been made in the past 10 years? Have no fear, ladies and gentleman. Troy is here to help you all out.

Hydroflask Coffee and Tea Thermos - $25.99

Can anyone really do a dawn patrol without exorbitant amounts of caffeine? Keep it warm forever and a half with a Hydroflask.

Flabongo - $21.99

Don’t taste your beer, inhale it. And what better way to do it than through a co-opted lawn ornament? Plus, it looks great through a fisheye camera.

Rigid Industries Amber D2 Driving Lights - $379.99

During midnight storm driving, it’s super difficult to drive safely on back-road. With these amber LED driving lights, cut through all the glare and get there safely. And without hitting a deer, ideally.

Golden Stag Men's Cowhide Work Glove Thinsulated Glove - $17.99

Hestra makes great gloves, but they’re far too expensive. From Sportsman's Warehouse, you can get some excellent leather gloves for cheap. Then, throw some Nikwax on it to waterproof, and you have the best gloves ever, for less than $20.

Rainier Mountain Fresh Beer - Price depending on your state’s liquor laws

Everyone says Pabst is the ski bum’s beer of choice, but PBR comes from Milwaukee and let's be honest, where would you rather ski: Rainier or Milwaukee?

Case closed.

Smartwool Men's PhD® Ski Light Pattern Socks - $23.90

Your favorite tele skier has been wearing the same three pairs of ski socks for the last five years, and they’re rancid now. Time to upgrade to Smartwool’s bomber dry-wicking wool.

Teleskier Magazine’s Shirt - $19.95

Because really, who the %$&^ cares?!

Black Diamond Jetforce Avalanche Airbag Pack - $1,399.95

You care about your tele skier, enough to have put up with their smelly BS. Introduce them to the literal future. What a time to be alive!

Black Diamond Mission Pro Ski Pants - $549.00

I apologize for including two products from Black Diamond, but these ski pants are awesome. The fit is great, and they have an internally-sewn beacon pocket. No more fumbling around for your beacon, it is right there!

2002 Ford RB E350 Diesel 4x4 from Sportsmobile - $59,500

How much do you really love your tele skier? Make their dreams come true for only $59,500!

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