Pulp Trickin: Bishop Bindings presents the BMF line

Bishop Bindings unleashed new telemark bindings

Next time you head to the hill and Ringo and Yolanda are running their mouths about floppy cable bindings and über-tech A.T. setups, tell them to reach in the truck and grab your skis. You know, the ones with “Bad Mother F@*%ers” on ‘em. The new BMF bindings from Bishop are quite simply the most badass telemark bindings in the universe. Being a Bishop, you expect them to be burly and powerful, but these bad mamma jammas are tougher than Marsellus Wallace wielding a shotgun, giving you the confidence you need to bust moves that would make Vincent Vega blush.


The BMFs come in two flavors, so Bishop’s got you covered whether you’re looking to earn your turns on top of the highest peaks or rip Hollywood lines right under the chairlift. The BMF-3 is for freeheeling shredders looking to dominate the park, pow, moguls and groomers with the aura of Jules delivering an ominous monologue. The BMF-R is for tele skiers looking to get outta dodge and into the backcountry faster than Butch on Zed’s chopper thanks to an unprecedented 63 degrees of unrestricted movement when in tour mode.

Just like any good Tarantino masterpiece, the BMFs take something classic and update it for a modern audience. Both bindings feature true step in capability, which was previously only available on alpine and AT bondage bindings. They’re also semi-releasable and have ski brakes, so you can ditch the retro leashes that turn your skis into pawnshop samurai swords when you’re auditioning for Jerry of the Day. And unlike any other tele binding in the market, the BMFs will work with either 75mm or NTN boots thanks to an interchangeable toe piece. Of course the BMFs uphold Bishop’s tradition of being burly, badass, durable pieces of kit that you can depend on in the deepest snow, the steepest slopes and the biggest jumps. They also retain the copious adjustability to match your style and terrain, and the mount plate that lets you use one pair of BMFs on your whole quiver. So no matter which pair of shred sticks Ringo hands you, you can tell him, “That’s them. That’s my BMF.”


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  • Fraser

    Had Bombers, now on NTNs. If these are as good as you say they are then I’ll move back. I was looking at the Meidjo but the look a little French and flimsy.

  • Corey

    I’m very interested in the BMF-R. Looks amazing. I’m curious about the ski brake setup and what with of skis it will fit. I’ve seen NTN setups with brakes and it looked like 100mm was about the max. Hopefully wider brakes can be upgraded for FAT skis.

  • Tony

    I have an pair of T1’s from 2008-9 and took 4 years off due to an injury. Boots were in great shape and were skied hard with targa’s for a few seasons. I had some professionally mounted 22 designs axl’s for one day an they tore the vibram sole of my boot as the duckbill went over the flex plate. I’m having them resoled but just found your site and gald to hear there is another 75mm option that is durable and can power a fat ski.

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