BMF/R tech specs

  • Future Proof. NTN or 75mm "Duckbill" boot compatibility. Pick one now and have the option to change later with a Conversion Kit
  • Intuitive "alpine style" step-in / step-out means no more bending over. 
  • The Real Heel Feel: These bindings attach to the whole boot, from toe-to-heel, giving you plenty of power combined with a natural boot flex. Read more here
  • Softer Spring Kit gives you more customization with the option of a more supple, lighter knee drop while keeping all the Bishop lateral stability and edge power transfer
  • Spring tension (binding "activeness") is easily adjusted on the hill with the turn of a screw
  • 75mm version has a dedicated LEFT and RIGHT binding.  The small leash hole in the Toe Cage should be on the outside.
  • One Size Fits most boots
    • 75mm: minimum boot length 280mm
    • NTN: minimum boot length 270mm
  • Bishop's Bomber Lifetime Guarantee

What you get with the BMF/R Telemark Binding (and not with the BMF/3)

  • Tour like a pro on the road to pow town with 60 degrees of biomechanically optimized resistance-free climbing mode
  • Climbing risers: 7- and 14- degree heel risers to tame any climb
  • Complete control on the descent with our patented, rock-solid "Lock Wedge" ski-mode, combined with our patented Sliding Plate System (US10058763)
  • Simple switch between ski and tour mode with a pole grip or glove
  • Weight: 2070g/pair (if you're wearing spandex, these ain't for you)