The Future-Proof Binding

The 75mm vs NTN boot standard debate is over. You choose whatever boot works for you with no sacrifice to power or convenience. Bishop’s BMF bindings work for both styles of telemark boots: 75mm boots which have a “Duckbill” at the toe which is 75mm wide at the pin line and are asymmetric, having a dedicated left and right binding/ski.  NTN (New Telemark Norm) telemark boots have a toe that is similar to alpine touring boots with a short alpine style toe and both a back heel and a “second heel” or “duckbutt” that is under the arch of your foot. 

Bishop’s BMF telemark ski bindings can be used for either boot style by simply switching out the toe cage. The binding has the same power and step-in convenience to the back, “real” heel of your boot with either style boot. BMFs attach to the entire boot, front to back, instead of just the front end like some flimsy cross country ski binding. You aren’t cross country skiing. No spandex allowed. You’re shredding.

Other NTN bindings attach to the Duckbutt, which is located under the arch of your foot. BMFs attach to the back heel which transfers more force from the boot to the ski.  In nerd speak, the longer lever arm of the BMFs gives you a higher mechanical advantage.
Conversion Kits
Conversion Kits
Conversion Kits
Conversion Kits

Conversion Kits

Regular price$200.00 USD

Like a telemark wizard, these kits magically unlock the door to our Future-Proof Binding

You keep the same binding and sweet telemark flex.  All you have to do is unbolt your BMFs from the switch plate, remove the old Toe Cages, and install the new Toe Cages per the included instructions. It takes some tools and a some mechanical skill. If you are not comfortable doing that, choose Conversion Service, ship them to us and we will ship them back to you ready to rock.

NTN to 75mm conversion kit: You will receive Toe Cages parts, and your BMFs will now be compatible with the older telemark standard, 75mm Telemark Boots. Also known as "duck bill" telemark boots, these comfy, powerful boots have longer soles coming off the front of the boots.

75mm to NTN conversion kit: You will receive Toe Cages parts, and your BMFs will now be compatible with NTN Telemark Boots or "New Telemark Norm".  These are a newer style of boot that has a short toe sole similar to Alpine or AT ski boots.

In both cases, your bindings will be attached to the back heel of the boot for a sweet, natural flex.  The Real Heel Feel.

Note: the BMF/3 conversion is more expensive as it is the entire front end of the binding.

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