Say No to Duck Butts

Our badass BMF bindings connect to the “real heel” of both NTN and 75mm boots, not the 2nd Heel or “Duck Butt” of NTN boots which is positioned in the middle of your foot near your arch.  This allows the BMF to have the easiest step in and out of any telemark binding.  Just like our fixed heel alpine brethren, you can pop out without poles using your other ski or boot. Ski patrollers especially love this feature as they often have their hands busy carrying poles, netting, pads, or navigating a sled with an injured rider to safety.

Other NTN bindings attach to the Duckbutt, which is located under the arch of your foot. BMFs attach to the back heel which transfers more force from the boot to the ski.  In nerd speak, the longer lever arm of the BMFs gives you a bigger mechanical advantage, almost twice the leverage of other NTN bindings that attach to the Duckbutt. Sometimes bigger is better.