Switch Kits

    The BMF HD 3.0 Switch Kit allows you to quickly transfer one pair of BMF bindings between multiple pairs of skis. Invest in one Armageddon-proof telemark binding and spread the love across your entire quiver. No need to buy a pair of bindings for each set of skis. Save your hard earned cash for après.

    The core of our Switch Kit innovation is the Switch Plate: a CNC machined aluminum plate that mounts to the ski with a 7 ski screw hole pattern - the most in the industry.  Behind the Switch Plate is the Switch Pad that the Rear Case rests on and which holds the Climbing Wires for the BMF/R touring binding.

    Each BMF telemark binding is attached to the Switch Plate with four stainless steel binding screws. For the BMF/3, you simply pop off the Toe Cage Cover to access the screws.  For the BMF/R you can access the screws by putting the binding into Tour Mode. All of our binding screws come with a threadlocking patch to help keep them from loosening, but always make sure the binding screws are tight before you shred!